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Use Cases

With cloud and parallel computing, DISCO simulataneously optimises signal timing plans for multiple junctions in a region to achieve regional coordination, using various advanced AI-based and machine learning optimisers. New generation optimisers will be linked to DISCO with ease. 

DISCO - Mong Kok Area Optimisation

Mong Kok Area Simulation in VISSIM

Optimised plans will be linked to VISSIM for validation before deployment onsite. The DISCO-VISSIM linking is automatic with no coding required for users. Such validation and testing are just one click button. 

Tai Tam Adaptive Control

With the linkage to AI-based and ML-based optimal analytics, DISCO utilises detector information from the detectors installed onsite to derive and analyse the adaptive signal control strategies for the special Tai Tam Road in Hong Kong. 


Based on the detector patterns, various signal timing plans are triggered to adapt to the time-varying traffic demand.

Signalisation scheme, including the signal head placement, and signal timings, is optimised for a roundabout with sophisticated driving behaviour such as merging, lane changing and various priority rules.

Roundabout Signalisation Schemes (1)

Goods vehicles, buses and passenger cars interact in a sophisticated roundabout with a mixture of direct signal control and give way, detailed lane marking and configuration. Signal head placement and timings are optimised via an AI-based engine. 

Roundabout Signalisation Schemes (2)

Multiple Junctions are linked and optimised simultaneously in DISCO where overall network delay can be minimised. Offsets, cycle times, and green times of all junctions are jointly considered, DISCO determines how junctions are clustered, e.g. which junctions form a group and which junctions are independent. 

Regional Coordination - Causeway Bay

Intersections including unsignalised junctions, signalised junctions and roundabouts are integrated. DISCO generate optimal timing plans to achieve different objectives, such as minimise total delay, queue length, etc. 

Regional Coordination - Tseung Kwan O

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